Beta test of new Cadet Physical Fitness Program

Civil Air Patrol has begun revising its Cadet Physical Fitness Program so that it uses new data and better aligns with best practices from youth fitness education. As part of the revision, National Headquarters has asked select units from around the nation to “beta test” the new program. La Crosse is one of those units.

Under the beta test program our unit follows the guidance from the draft version of CAPP 52-18. This pamphlet contains a lot of new information. The most notable information addresses the testing process:

  1. Cadets no longer take a PT test for every promotion. Instead, they take a test, offered at least quarterly. The cadet must score in the “Healthy Fitness Zone” (HFZ) for this test in order to earn a “PT credential”.
  2. To be promoted a cadet must have a valid PT credential. Credentials are good for six months once they are earned. If a cadet does not have a valid credential then they must wait until the next test is offered to attempt the credential again.
  3. The standard above only applies to cadets attempting promotions in Phases II, III, and IV (C/TSgt and above). For cadets in the first phase (Airman through Staff Sergeant) a cadet only needs to attempt the test; no credential is recorded. This approach is designed to help cadets understand where they are fitness-wise, and to give them time to change their fitness level.
  4. The PT test itself has changed. The old test required a cadet to pass two of three events (pushups, sit ups, or sit and reach) plus either the mile run or the shuttle run (but both running events were offered). Now the cadet must still pass two of the three events, and needs to pass whichever running event the squadron chooses to use in its PT test. Also the running events have changed to the mile run and the PACER test. The shuttle run no longer can be conducted.
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