A Thank You from the Commander

Thank-you-I want to thank everyone who participated in the Education Day with the seventh grade class at Westby Middle School this past Wednesday. Capt Marx put together a fantastic day. The hours she put into this was phenomenal. It made our jobs easy. A total of 20 seniors and cadets presented many different sessions ranging from building ring airplanes and balsa gliders, to making sling shot rockets, to shooting a bazooka built from a shop vacuum. The students learned much pertaining to STEM,(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) while doing fun activities at the same time. And speaking of fun, many students got to fly the F-16 simulator. Cadets and Seniors assisted Maj Ray Ebert with inflating his balloon to start the morning activities earning a rousing applause from the seventh graders. The students interaction impressed us all. I want to also tell everyone how impressed the teachers, staff and even the students were of the conduct displayed by our Cadets and Seniors. The respect shown by all to everyone while we were there really made a great impression of what we are about as CAP members. We did all this while having fun at the same time. I am proud to be commander of the best squadron in the wing!

– Maj Martin

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